InfoCert S.p.A. is the biggest Certification Authority in Europe and one of the foremost Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSP).

A leading international name in end-to-end solutions, the company is able to meet all the digitalization-related needs of enterprises and public bodies: a one-stop source on today’s market, given the broad portfolio of digital tools on offer and the ability to incorporate trust services into the business processes of clients. InfoCert is an AgID accredited SPID digital identity operator (SPID - Italy’s public digital identity management system), providing services that cover digitalization, eDelivery, digital signature and digital document storage. In short, InfoCert is the Premier European Digital Trust Service Provider.

What InfoCert offers to Clients: digital vision, real value

InfoCert is an established partner of companies in the Banking, Financial, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Energy, Utilities, Distribution, Health and other sectors, as well as bodies such as Public Administrations, and Professional and Trade Associations.

By fully understanding the needs of clients and designing custom solutions to meet them, the aims of excellence reflecting the corporate mission are certain to be achieved. 
In the eyes of InfoCert, a true template for innovation must cover the digital transaction in its totality, not being restricted merely to single aspects but operating on the entire business process and creating a chain of trust.
Accordingly, professionals who work for InfoCert are specialists in Digital Transaction Management. 

These are people with exclusive skills in the very latest technologies and all components of trust services, also in Project Management, Process re-engineering and, not least, in the area of regulatory matters, given the absolute need for compliance, both general and sectoral. These are assets providing an undoubted competitive edge, but more importantly, notable added value for the client.

More exactly, Info Cert creates and implements digitalization solutions that respond fully to specific organizational and business needs and enable integration both with one another and with management applications, guaranteeing the highest standards of security, a frictionless user experience and the necessary level of digital trust, i.e. assurance that the digital transaction is legally valid.

This is the most effective approach in providing a successful digital transformation, enabling the realization of innovative business models and processes and assuring a more sustainable future for companies, for their people and for the community in general.

InfoCert: dependability, innovation and quality

InfoCert is owned 99.9% by Tinexta SpA, and has registered capital of 17,704,890 euros. The company has offices in Rome, Milan and Padua and operates in thirty European countries. In Italy, InfoCert retains 80% ownership of Sixtema, a tech partner specializing in technology solutions and consulting services for SMEs, trade associations, financial intermediaries, professional practices and other bodies. On the international stage, InfoCert holds a 51% stake in AC Camerfirma SA, one of the main Spanish certification authorities, and 16.7% in the German company Authada, a next-generation Identity Provider.

Considerable investment goes into Research & Development: InfoCert owns a number of patents that have led to successful innovations such as remote recognition, geo-referenced signature and certified chat. The company also collaborates with some of the major Italian universities and research centres (Polytechnic University of Milan, EXO Research, University of Tor Vergata, University of Salerno, Bocconi University Milan) and takes part in prestigious institutional projects and round tables at international level. 

InfoCert is active on the main frontiers of innovation regarding SSI (Self Sovereign Identity) and — as a Founding Steward of Sovrin, the international non-profit foundation set up to govern the world’s first SSI network — has conceived and implemented a decentralized digital identity platform based on blockchain technology which, by ensuring compliance with the eIDAS regulation, combines the benefits of distributed digital identity with full legal validity. 

Finally, certifications to ISO 9001, 27001 and 20000 reflect the total commitment of InfoCert to quality of service, security of information and compliance with the international standard for IT Service Management. In addition, certifications to ISO 14001 and ETSI EN 319 401 confirm the commitment of the company to care for the environment and to the delivery of Trust Services in compliance with eIDAS (EU regulation 910/2014).

InfoCert, digital business solutions

InfoCert guarantees trust and security in digital transformation by adopting an organic approach to the management of digital transactions — between natural and/or legal persons, and human-to-machine or machine-to-machine — and the integration of complementary solutions or services, namely: Legalmail, for Certified E-mail; LegalCert, for certification and digital security comprising, for example, GoSign by Dike, the online collaboration platform for managing document workflows and signature procedures; TOP, for onboarding clients remotely; InfoCert ID, for SPID digital identity; LegalDoc, for digital storage of documents in accordance with statutory requirements; Legalinvoice, for electronic invoicing; MeetingBook, for management of institutional meetings; SecureDrive, for secure storage in cloud computing; and DIZME, for distributed digital identity management. 

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